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Now we can continue :
For things :
-- Subject :which ,that
-- Object : which , that
-- Possessive : whose , of which
a/ Subject : Which/ that
-There are alternatives in a defining clause . although " which " is felt to be more formal
Ex :
By 9.30 there was only one painting that hadn't been sold . This is the picture which / that caused such a sensation .

b/Object of a verb : Which /that ( or no relative at all)
We use " that" instead of "which " because " which " is hardly ever used after "all , everything , little , much, none, no " and compounds of no or after superlatives . We can use "that" or omit the relative altogether , if it is the object of a verb .
Ex :
She is one of the kindest people ( that) i know .
Is there anything (that) he wants to be served ?
c/ Object of a preposition :
The formal construction is preposition + which , but it is more usual to move the preposition to the end of the clause , using " which /that" or omitting the relative altogether .
Ex :
The ladder on which I was standing began to clip .
(OR) The ladder which /that I was standing on began to clip.
d/ Possessive : "hose+ a clause" is possible but "with + a phrase is more usual .
Ex :
A house whose walls were made of glass
(OR) A House with glass walls
3/ Cleft sentences : It+ be + noun/ pronoun+ defining relative clause
-When the subject is a proper noun , "that" is more usual than "who".With all other objects , "that" is the correct form
Ex :
It's the girl that stole my money.
It's Anna that i saw.
-"That" is usual for non_ personal object .
Ex :
It's speed that causes accidents , not bad road .

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