Drinking in England

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Drinking in England

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England’s drinking scene has been growing for many years there are hundreds of establishments in each city. The traditional drinking establishment is the "pub" and you can find it everywhere on city centre and suburbs. However, pubs have been fighting back by trying to make more money from food, that because with the actual regulations on drinking tolerance has affected its incomes.
In town centres, the
establishments lining the main drinking streets are more of the
"stylish bar" type than pubs, they are often designed for vertical
drinking rather than for discussing. However, back streets still hide
traditional pubs, and most towns have several "real ale pubs" dotted
around, sometimes with a cluster concentrated in a small area on the
edge of the town centre.

The laws allow to Pubs stay open until 23.00 and 01:00. However, in
most cities and many towns, centrally located pubs and bars will stay
open until 02:00 or 03:00, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.
Also, at public holiday times, many pubs extend their closing times,
especially New Year's Eve.

The most popular beer is the bitter, although the lager is gaining more
and more adepts. The whiskey is a very popular drink, especially those
from Scotland and Ireland.

If it is taken with a beer half pint is called "nip and a hauf".
Basically, there are two types of whiskey: single malt and grain, with
oats and a small amount of brewing barley.

Blend is a mixture of both varieties. Very different others are the
malt whiskies, whose quality depends on the ingredients used in its
processing, as well as on the water and the oak barrels where it is

Alcoholic drinks

is home to a huge variety of alcoholic drinks. As well as wines and
spirits (mainly imported, but some local), all pubs sell several beers
and at least one cider. The main types of beer you will come across are
lager , bitter and stout. Real Ale is not a separate classification, it
refers to beer made and served by traditional methods.


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