Eating in England

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Eating in England

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England has a very diverse population due to the large number of immigrants that have arrived from other countries and established to live, this provoked that the food was diversified and today eating could be an excitant experience, for the variety of tastes and styles that is able to found.
England’s eating
scene has a lot of establishments offering from traditional English
food to the most exotic dishes. There are a wide range of restaurants,
cafés, pubs, gastropubs around the country for all tastes, pockets and

London you can observe the great diversity of food due it is a
cosmopolitan city where it possible to find all kind of food from all
around the world.

is also known for its food traditions including afternoon tea, fish and
chips and especially for the great English breakfast.

Probably pubs are the best place to eat out with reasonably priced
food, trying sophisticated food or the more traditional English food.
More exotic dishes are now prepared in the majority of the larger pubs
and specialist "gastropubs".

Vegetarian food is widely extended in England’s pubs and restaurants, offering several vegetarian dishes.
Some of the most traditional food in England are described below.
Fish and chips,
is a classic, traditional national food of England, made up with French
fried potatoes and the fish (cod, haddock, huss, plaice) deep fried in
flour batter.

Yorkshire pudding
is a traditional and popular British dish, originating from the
North-east of England made from flour, eggs and milk, is a sort of
batter baked in the oven and usually moistened with gravy.

Toad in the Hole is similar to Yorkshire Pudding but with sausages placed in the batter before cooking.
Lancashire Hotpot consists essentially of meat, onion and potatoes baked in the oven all day in a heavy pot and on a low heat.
English Breakfast
consist of fried bacon, fried eggs, fried sausages, fried bread, fried
black pudding, fried mushrooms, baked beans in tomato sauce, and toast
and butter - "washed down" by a large amount of hot strong tea or
coffee with milk.


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