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Bat stoty........................

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Once there was a great war between the beasts and the birds. Bat was on the birds' side. In the first battle, the birds were badly beaten. As soon as Bat saw that the battle was going against them, he crept away, hid under a log, and stayed there until the fight was over.

When the animals were going home. Bat slipped in among them.
they had gone some distance, they saw him and asked one another: "How
is this? Bat is one of those that fought against us!"
Bat heard
them and he said: "Oh, no! I am one of you; I don't belong to the bird
people. Did you ever see one of those people who had teeth and hair?
You can say that I belong to the bird people, but I don't; I am one of
your own people."
They didn't say anything more; they let Bat stay with them.
after, there was another battle; in that battle birds won. As Bat's
side was getting beaten, he slipped away and hid under a log. When the
battle was over and birds were going home, Bat went in among them.
When they noticed him, they said: "You are our enemy; we saw you fighting against us."

"Oh, no," said Bat, "I am one of you; I don't belong to those beasts. Did you ever see one of those people who had wings?"
They didn't say anything more; they let him stay with them.
Bat went back and forth as long as the war lasted. At the end of the
war, birds and beasts held a council to see what to do with him. At
last they said to Bat, "From now on, you will fly around alone at
night, and you will never have any friends, either among those that
fly, or those that walk."

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