Mumbai attack suspects arrested by Italian police

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Mumbai attack suspects arrested by Italian police

Bài gửi by connhen4mat on Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:04 pm

Mumbai attack suspects arrested by Italian police

The men are accused of sending funds from their money transfer agency

Italian police have arrested two Pakistanis suspected of providing logistical support for last year's attacks in Mumbai.
The father and son were detained in an early morning raid in the northern city of Brescia, police said.
They are accused of supplying cash from their money transfer agency to pay for an internet phone account used by people in contact with the attackers.
More than 170 people, nine of them gunmen, died in the November attacks.
Mohammad Yaqub Janjua, 60, and Aamer Yaqub Janjua, 31, are accused of aiding and abetting international terrorism as well as illegal financial activity.
They were identified after leads from India and the FBI, police said.
In July, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab - a 21-year-old Pakistani man and the sole surviving attacker - pleaded guilty to 86 charges, including waging war on India, murder and possessing explosives.
He could face the death penalty if judges agree to impose the maximum sentence.

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