Conditional Sentences - Exercises

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Conditional Sentences - Exercises

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"IF" isn't only conjunction used in conditional sentences.Complete the sentences using the following conjunction.
Given that , But for/without , Provided that/ as long as , Unless , On condition that , Even if , Suppose/ supposing.
1. __________lighting tends to strike the nearest high point , you would do well not to stand under a tall tree during a thunderstorm.
2.__________you learn to drive better , I won't be getting in your car again.
3.__________you use a sun scream , you should not get burnt.
4.__________the support of my boss , I wouldn't have been promoted.
5.__________you do say you love me , I'm not marrying you.
6.I'll give you a lift to school __________you wash the car for me at the weekend.
7.__________there was an air traffic controllers' strike , what would you do?
Rewrite each sentence , beginning with the words in italics , without changing the meaning.
1. Could you tell her my address if , by any chance , you see her?
Should____________________________________________ _________
2. As people were dependent on farming for their livelihood , it's surprising that they used animal behaviour to predict the weather.
Given that __________________________________________________ __
3. You can borrow my bike but you must take care of it.
Provided that __________________________________________________
4. Kindly have a seat as I'm sure Mr.Johnson won't be long.
If________________________________________________ ____________
5. My advice to you is to get another job.
If________________________________________________ _____________
6. I'm not earning much money because I didn't work hard enough to pass my diploma .
If________________________________________________ ____________
7. I wouldn't have been able to afford to go to university except that my grandmother left me some money.
But for_______________________________________________ _______
Make sentences with the same meaning by omitting IF :
E.g: If I were your age , I'd do things differently.
=>Were I your age , I'd do things different
1.If Bob should show up , please give him my message
2. If my uncle had stood up to sing , I'd have been embarrassed.
3. If you should here the fire alarm , leave the building at once
4. If you hadn't lent Jason your car , none of this would have happened.

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