Làm tí trắc nghiệm cho vui nhểy

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Làm tí trắc nghiệm cho vui nhểy

Bài gửi by Admin on Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:07 am

Choose the best answer :
1, We( invited, have invited, were invited) to the wedding party but we didn't go
2, Many people (were killed, killed, was killed) in the storm last week
3, It's a nice day today. The sun( shines, is shining, shining)
4, How often( are you going, do you go, did you go) on holiday?
5, Did you phone Linh? -No, I'm afraid I(forget, was forgot, forgot)
6, I(have known, knew, know) him for a long time
7, "whose bag is it?"-(siste's, sisters, sister)
8, May I have(few, some, a) sugar?
9, Did you walk or come(with, on, by) bike?
10, I am( a good at not, not good, not good at) mathmetics
11, She comes here by bus,(does'nt she, is'nt she, does she)?
12, He worked hard last year, (did he, he didn't, didn't he)?
13, She will have to thank him,( doesn't she, won't she, isn't she).
14, The Earth moves around,( doesn't it, isn't it, won't it)
15, This is used for( to cut, cutting, cut) metạlr
16, The meat will be fine with slow( cooks, to cook, cooking)
17, She often( tells, asks, says) things like thạt
18, He always(tells, asks,says) me his troubles
19, They(said, told, asked) me to leave
20, The nurs(said, told, asked) him whether he needed anything else

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