Cho dạng đúng của từ(ko đơn giản đâu T_T)

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Cho dạng đúng của từ(ko đơn giản đâu T_T)

Bài gửi by Admin on Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:03 am

1. You should'nt be _________ (responsible)
2. __________ causes ___________ (action/ weak)
3. The goverment will____________ (accomodation)
4. The___________ look beautiful (surround)
5. I am afraid it is___________ (adequate)
6. The______________ is the reason of everybody 's ____________ (frequently/ angry)
7. We went on a___________ tour (pack)
8. Your_____________ seems very good (compile)
9. The____________ area needs our help (mountain)
10. The students will have______________ activities (mean)
11. The news will___________ everybody (upset)
12. He is_________ enough to do everything by himself (wisdom)
13. If you_____________, the teacher will shout at you. (behavior)
14. My mother is_______________ with my bad marks (satisfactory)
15. Many__________ want to have this job (application)
16. It is_____________. I don't like it. (convenient)
17. It is a______________ area (resident)
18. The house was____________ roofless after the storm. (roof)
19. He is an___________ in this field (experiment)
20. How often do you go to the______________ to buy shool things? (stationery)
21. My radio has good _____________. (transmit)
22. It is____________. We can do it (conduct)
23. Nobody likes___________ (cruel)
24. He suffered from _____________(injure)
25. The_____________ to America is increasing (emigrate)
26. I need you____________(arrange)
27. It's my_____________ idea (object)
28. Her_______________ and______________ make everybody happy. (simple/ gently)
29.It's bad of you to______________ the facts (false)
30. They gave him a medal in the_______________ of his service (recognize)
31. There are_____________ of doing this (number)
32. The condition in prison is very___________ (human)
33. I will ask my mother's_____________ to go camping (permit)
34. He is____________. He is in_____________ (hurry)
35. What is the_______________ of the suitcase? (heavy)
36. It's a____________poison (die)
37. They will______________ everything (commercial)

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