English For You's Regulations (MUST READ)

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English For You's Regulations (MUST READ)

Bài gửi by Admin on Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:20 pm

English For You is a place where:

:2: Every member can discuss (including spam =D), exchange experience about everything (in English)

:2: Foreign members have chance to give opinions, ideas to develop English For You better as well as knowing more about English For You and its members.

(When you post this box, read carefully before posting please!)

1. No spamming TOO MUCH, vulgar words and posting useless topics.

2. Don't post bad-content topics relating to politics, religions and other things against the law of Vietnam.

3. Don't post sex images, topics that contain hacking, cracking that aren't useful to everyone.

4. Everybody is encouraged using English language in this box.
Gradually, we can set the rule to force everyone that join in this box must use English to discuss

Posting which against those given rules, can be deleted or locked with no notices.

Otherwise, authors of these postings can be given infraction or banned. It all depends on your breach.

For Vietnamese members: If you have any problems about language which are difficult for you to describe in English, you can post them in Vietnamese instead.

However, your try in English will be more WELCOME!

Spamming (over 4 postings)

1st time: Warning
2nd time: Give Infraction
3rd time: Ban nick 3 days
4th time: Ban nick at least one month

Vulgar words (including sex images) or offending other members
1st time: Give Infraction (5 points) or Ban nick at least 3 days
2nd time: Ban nick one months to 3 months
3rd time: Ban nick Forever

Other breaches
1st time: Ban nick one week
2nd tme: Ban nick 1 month
3rd time: Ban nick Forever


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